Sand / Grus spreader

Fabrikat IB
Mærke Universal
Model Universal
Størrelse pakke 1.53 × 0.85 × 0.9 m
Vægt (kg) 89 kg

The tow behind sand / gravel spreader is a very handy and economical attachment for winter maintenance of yards and walkways. Covers only the trail behind the ATV and not spreads it wider to ditch or grass fields on the sides thus makes it convenient and economical to use by dropped material not wasted on where not needed.
  • Power to the spreader shaft is taken mechanically from the wheels.
  • Wheels are equipped with a clutch which allows transporting without sand spreading.
  • Equipped with a 50 mm ( 2' ) trailer hitch coupling.
  • YouTube video clip link:
  • Capacity:290 L / 76,6 gal

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